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Industrial lighting

The Projecto Z provides sustainable lighting solutions with LED technology, high quality and long lasting, with products especially designed for industrial customers that reduce maintenance costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.
Lighting project
Our lighting projects department aims to provide the best LED lighting solution for each project, taking into account apart from energy efficiency, achieve a proper light distribution, contributing to the safety and well-being in the workplace, improving performance and improving productivity.
 Advantages of LED Lighting 1Energy EfficiencyThe use of LED lighting can reduce energy consumption up to 70%  3 Reduced MaintenanceThe LED lifetime of 50,000 hours, up to 75% reduces the costs of maintenance compared with the discharge lamp, mercury or sodium vapor or metal iodide.   2EcologicalReduction of CO2 emissions, associated with the reduction of energy consumption.Ultraviolet and infrared radiation absence absence of mercury, 99% recyclable.

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